Podengowalks 2021

Podengowalk, Uppsala 8 april 2021

This time it was a podengo walk in Uppsala next to the lake Siggeforasjön for the first time!
The walk was 6 km on a forest road and easier forest path and we stopped for a coffeebreak halfway by the beautiful Ramsmossesjön.

Many thanks to today’s guide Elinor with her little Raisin!



Podengowalk, Uppsala 19 juni 2021

So we repeated the scenic area Siggefora in Uppsala.at the western end of Siggeforasjön, then walked the same 6 km route. After half way, we stop for coffee at the beautiful Ramsmossesjön.

Many thanks to our guide Elinor with Russin!


Podengomeeting, Stockholm 1 juli 2021

Today it was extra fun to pack the bag for the podengomeeting. The theme was “try on bloodtrack”. Wow, what small stars we got to see!! Prince, Nessie, Gipsy, Katla and Dimma had never tracked before but look how nice it went. Little Nessie, is also only 5 months old but jumped happily and bravely forward in the track. Great coaching came from the best bloodtrack coach Lena Lundin, ViLTspårarna offered barbecue sausages in the forest glade.

We ended by handing out a small goodie bag to both two- and four-legged friends and thanks Lena for another collaboration!

Thank you Lena Lundin and all the other podengo friends!