Podengowalks 2019


Winter walk, Vinterviken Stockholm January 12th, 2019

At this year’s first podengowalk, there were 13 happy podengos, two of whom brought their big siblings in the form of two greyhounds and one Shiba. Some podengo friends that we have not seen for a long time appeared, and some who came for the first time, so fun to meet you all!

Walk in nice winter sun and then a nice coffee break at Vinterviken’s café. As usual, it became a very lovely podengo chat, it is so good that we can share experiences and tips with each other.

It was also a little fun with the attention we from people that we met when we came walking with our lovely bunch of podengos, or sat down for a coffe break. Questions about what breed it was, comments like “Oh what cute dogs!”. A family was so grateful that their small kids could come and pet Billy and Zwip, and so on. So, of course, we make good advertising for the breed during our meetings.

Thank you all who came, and thank you very much Hugo with owner Hervor who were the guides of the day!


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Walk in Åkershov February 23rd, 2019

Today, there were 21 dogs with their humans.. Several new podengofriends and some who came to see the breed before a possible puppy purchase. Unfortunately, it was a real ice rink in the forest so the walk had to be a little shorter than imagined, but it was so very nice socializing, and many lovely conversations there was. Today’s podengowalk ended with a long and pleasant coffeemoment together at café Blomma.

Thank you all for a nice day! There are probably dogs and their humans who slept for a while after the meeting.

A special thanks to Anita Declercq with Timon and Malin Reinholds with her Coco who guided us!


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Rövarekulan, Rolsberga in Skåne March 23, 2019

Now we have played around in the nature reserve Rövarekulan.

Thanks everyone who came to the walk today, as nice as always. We usually are lucky with the weather and we had good weather today also. Lovely scenery, a little bit muddy at some places but what is that to mind about for this bunch. As usual, it is difficult to get everybody to look towards the camera at the same time, so it had to be two group photos. We found a lot of spring flowers. Now I hope you all will enjoy a lovely spring until we see you next time.

Greetings Kristina with Samu and Heikki.

Thank you, Kristina Rosell with Samu and Heikki for arranging these wonderful forest walks!

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Podengowalk in Stockholm, Djurgården April 5, 2019

A sunny and nice podengomeeting was there in Stockholm today. The Lindström family, who came to meet the breed, guided us on a really nice walking trail out on Djurgården, over meadows, along the water and in the forest. As always many nice conversations and nice podengos (and a beautiful shiba and whippet followed). Really fun that we got three medio with us today too. We finished with a good cup of coffee in the sunshine, where Anna, Jane and Patrik Lindström generously offered both coffee and fresh baked cake.

Thanks for a great meeting!

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Podengowalk Waldemarsudde, Stockholm May 5, 2019

We say it again …. the weather gods seem to like our podengomeetings. At Djurgården in Stockholm it became a walk along the water, nice scenery and exciting for the dogs to see a beautiful brooding swan so close. Then there was a lot of playing in the big dog yard and a “picknic” in the grass. As always it was a nice podengowalk, in lovely weather!

Thanks Pekka Nykopp, the host for today!

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Spring meeting in Bällinge, May 5, 2019

Here’s how Lilian Larsson wrote about the podengo meeting today:
“The podengo meeting in Norrbotten looked like a snowy event when we woke up in the morning. But before everyone had gathered, most of the snow had thawed away and even though it was a bit chilly, the heat spread in good friends’ law and with nice dogs hanging around. Today, 13 podengos met on our farm in Bälinge and two dogs of another breed. A simple agility course was built up and the one who wanted to try nosework.could do that. In addition, we had four little puppies that can not yet be on the walks. The puppies got to hang out and play together in their own fenced area of ​​the plot. After the various exercises it was time for coffee and not just coffee… Elisabeth brought along a wonderful cheesecake with which we have all received the recipe. Thanks for a lovely meeting… Maggan with Zcoop and Bixi, Elisabeth with Gosa and Hazta, Charlotte with Jack and Edit and little Lykke, Ingrid with Poppe and Pia with Leo and Anita with Bosse and Smulan. Then was Alizza, Caramel and Raffa with us of course and my daughter’s  dog Kakan.”

Thank you Lilian for a nicely arranged meeting for poddengo friends in the north!

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Podengowalk in Hovdala, Hässleholm May 25 2019

Here’s how Kristina Rosell wrote about the meeting today: “Oh, what a nice day we got today! Today we joined the walk for Hundstallet, a rrescue center for dogs, but then we also took our own podengowalk in a lovely forrest with dear podengo friends. Thank you all who came today and a thousand thanks for the nice bouquet and gift I got!
This is my last day as a guide for Podengo Friends Sweden, but certainly not the last time we are at Podengo walks. Should anyone pass Hässleholm, then just get in touch if you want to meet out in the woods or maybe in the dog gardens we have here by the lake.
As a bonus we got to meet Heikki’s brother brother Kari today, he was registered for Agrias walk so it was really a surprise.

Wish everyone a wonderful summer!
Hug from Kristina, Heikki and Samu”

Big Thanks again Kristina for your great and nice involvement over the years!

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Podengo walk in Östersund, for Hundstallet May 25 2019

Mimmi Munkeby and Agneta Österberg wrote this about the walk today:

“Hi podengo friends!
Here comes a greeting from Jämtland, Östersund. Today we took the opportunity to meet more podengos when it was time for Agria’s dog walk for Hundstallet (rescuecenter for dogs). There were 6 podengos that got together. We walked 4 km around Ändsjön in a dog-friendly weather 8 degrees and a little bit cloudy. Here are some pictures.

Have a nice weekend all of you lovely podengo friends. ”

Thanks Mimmi and Agneta for the nice pictures and nice greeting from Agrias walk!

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Picnic walk in Gustavsberg, Värmdö June 15, 2019

It was a really lovely summer walk at Värmdö today! The dogs run happy on the promenade through forest and land, and some of them took the opportunity to swim as we reached the nice lake where we stayed for a while.

Then a walk back home to Sara where the dogs were allowed to run and play in the garden while two-legged enjoyed grilled sausages and tasty coffebread, which the Schoultz family so hospitable offered. Those who were present today were Jussi, a new podengo for me, with his humens Eva and Ingemar, Lena with Cookie, Isabelle and Anders with Thiago and Odd, Lena with Mio, Erika with Hasse, me with Billy and so of course today’s hosts Sara , Kenneth, Frida and Lukas with Texas. Thank you for a greatly arranged podengot meeting today Sara with family! A real top day with as always nice conversations and happy socializing!

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Podengo activity on Hunderbanan June 16, 2019

Photos from our podengo day at Hunderbanan, an activity track where the dogs among other things have to test their balance and their courage.

The day offered lovely weather, talented dogs and humans on the course, friendship, lovely conversations and a nice lunch in the garden. Thanks to all of you who come to our activities for podengos, you makes it so fun to continue with this!

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Podengo meeting in Käglinge, Skåne August 4, 2019

A lovely podengo walk in Käglinge recreation area outside Malmö! So much playing around that it was difficult to catch all the dog in the picture at the same time. Great to have a long-distance podengo friend from Söderköping, Hedvig with owner Katarina. From left: Hedvig, Gilbert, Frank, Muffin and Julle.

Thanks to Fredrik and Ida Viola with little Muffin, who held today’s nice meeting!

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Podengowalk in Tyresta , Stockholm september 21, 2019

A lovely walk in stunning weather on the forest trail around the lake at Tyresta Village / National Park, and a picnic in the glade by the water. As always, enjoyable socializing and lovely conversations. Extra fun that there were some new ones today – the sweet Qiwi, Hemingway and Leia with their owners, we hope you all felt warmly welcomed.

Big thanks to Erika Bjureby Saldes who was today’s walking guide!

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Podengowalk in Skåne, Torup november 16, 2019

Three brave Podengos out in Torup, Skåne. First no rain, but then it came. Pleased but soaked everyone, Fredrik Tim Larsson and Pernilla, longed for home and the sofa.

Thank you Fredrik with little Muffin, who defied the weather and held your podengo meeting!

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Podengowalk in i Stockholm, Åkeshov december 7, 2019

Here are some pictures from today’s Podengo walk in Åkeshov, Stockholm. Several new faces today, some had puppies, some with their four-legged grandchild, and some wondering if podengon could be their breed, very nice to meet you all!

Big thanks to Björn and Anna-Karin with little Olle who was today’s guides, really nice walking trail you chosed.

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