Podengowalks 2018


Gärdet, Stockholm, January 21, 2018

This cold but very beautiful winter day was fine for a podengo walk on Gärdet, which is one of the favorite places for the winter walks in Stockholm. Our podengo friends Pekka and Kristín kindly arranged the podengowalk when we at the moment were in Portugal.
It was great fun to see some new podengo friends, it is nice when we become more people who can spread friendship and joy among us who love the breed. Brave little paws jumped in the snow, and some whippet buddies joined the walk.

Pekka Nykopp and Kristín Kristvinsdóttir guided the meeting, and Ola Hedin took the nice photos. Warm thanks to you all!

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Badhusparken (Vinterparken) Östersund February 24, 2018

Up in north of Sweden in Jämtland one are not afraid of the winter weather, either if it´s two- or four-legged. Full speed under the paws, so fun to stretch out over the wide winter areas.
Then it became coffee from the backpack, together in the park. It´s really great to see the photos from today’s meeting.

Warm thanks to Agneta Österberg and Mimmi Munkeby, who arranged everything so nicely.

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Hundöarna Drottningholm, Stockholm, February 25, 2018

It is so wonderful with podengo friends who want to help us to arrange meetings when we at the moment are in the homeland of the podengo, Portugal.
It was a very nice meeting in the beautiful dog park Hundöarna at Drottningholm in Stockholm. Also one of the places we have been to several times.
Nice attendance despite the somewhat cold weather, and the meeting ended with a coffee moment together at Brostugan’s café.

Warm thanks to Åsa Floderus and Helene Ranow who hosted today’s meeting!

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Frostavallen, Skåne March 10, 2018

In Skåne, we have our lovely podengo friend, Kristina Rosell, who has arrange very nice and appreciated podengo meetings many times during the years. This time, there was a podengop walk in lovely surroundings around Vaxsjön on the Frostavallen outside Höör. Nice weather, happy podengos as well as humans with backpacks walking during pleasant conversations. It was really cozy with a stop at the barbecue area where the fire was lit so that today’s lunch could be enjoyed outside in the open air. Lovely!

Thank you Kristina Rosell, who always arranges such nice meetings!

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Bälinge, Luleå March 25, 2018

In Bälinge in Luleå we have our nice podengo friend, Lilian Larsson, who arranges very nice podengo walks. On the waffle day Lilian offered waffles at home in her kitchen, and guess who had to lick the cream from the whisks, we believe that Zcoop, Gosa, Edit, Smulan, Jack, Hasta and the house dogs Alizza and Karamel were happy with the day.
Here are some of the lines that Lilian wrote about the meeting: “Today’s podengo meeting in the north offered brilliant sun. However, there was no walk today as it was difficult to find nice walking tracks because of the large amount of snow, and there came more snow yesterday so all the fine scooter tracks were covered again. But … our podengos still had to be activate a bit, we builded an “obstacle course” together in the yard with the motto “you take what you have”. After various exercises and playing outdoors, the dogs were happy and we searched for the kitchen and celebrated that it is Waffle Day today.”

Big thanks Lilian for your generosity and nice meeting!

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Långasand, Halland April 8, 2018

Långasand is a quiet beach in fine nature, the beautiful coastal strip with sandy beaches is interrupted by rocky parts. A perfect place for a podengo walk.
There is, as far as we know, only a few podengos close to were our fine podengo friend, Maria Cronqvist, lives and arranges podengo walks a couple of times a year. Therefore sometimes there are only a few participants at the meetings, but they are still highly appreciated.

This time there were 4 podengos, of which medion Stella 6 months who discovered a lemon butterfly for the first time, that Kristina Rosell who was on the meeting told us.

We and Maria hope to see more podengos with owners on the meetings in Halland in the future. Thanks for a nice meeting today Maria!

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Charitywalk for Hundstallet, May 19, 2018

On May 19, we podengo friends participated in in the dog walk on Djurgården in favor of Hundstallet. For every dog with owner that participated, the organizer donated money to Hundstallet which does a fantastic job for homeless dogs.
This time, Cocos, Timon, Hasse, Billy and Fidde participated. Wonderful weather and a nice walking trail that invited the doggies to take a cool bath. The day ended with a nice lunch picnic in the green grass of Djurgården.

Thanks for a wonderful day and warm thanks to Coco’s human Malin for great photos!

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Podengo walk in beautiful Landskrona June 2, 2018

A splendidly beautiful and warm summer day. There was a podengo walk in Hilleshög’s valleys / Glumslöv’s slopes, just north of Landskrona. It became a slightly shorter walk due to the heat, but the more bathing for the dogs it was, and a coffee break on the beach with lots of nice talk as usual.

Catarina Persson and Anne Persson arranged today’s nice walk, and Kristina Rosell took the lovely photos. Warm thanks to you all!

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Sköndal, Stockholm June 30, 2018

It was a wonderful bunch at the summer meeting in Stockholm, some had traveled all the way from Uppsala and Norrtälje! Several new podengo friends joined, today it was Bosse from Luleå with owner Anita and her daughter, Ginger from Uppsala with owner Carmen and her son, and medio Hador from Stockholm with his owner Irma. We hope you all felt very welcome.

Today’s walks became “two walks” in the beautiful area of Stora Sköndal, because we continued walking after the break and the cool baths for the doggies. There was also a nice picnic in the grass where we had arranged a small quiz, “guessing logos” from the dog world. After a small award ceremony, there was free play in a special dogarea for a while.

Warm thanks to Åke Esperi who took the nice photos today!

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Hundgårdarna Finjasjön, Hässleholm July 13, 2018

Yet another much appreciated podengo walk in Skåne! In the natural area of Finjasjön there are two great lovely dog yards where the four-footed can run freely and play. Here are some of Kristinas words from the meeting.

”Podengo meeting in Skåne. Oh, what fun it was to meet today. Despite thunder and a little rain, the dogs were able to run around in the dog yard. Think this meeting was the absolute most quiet we ever have had, almost no barking at all. They seem to be really good friends. There was no walk, but we did not think it matter. However we also had a nice coffee moment too.”

Thank you Kristina Rosell for both nice meeting and great photos!

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Långholmen / Tantolunden, Stockholm, September 22, 2018

Imagine what a wonderful weather it was, even though the day started with rain and was windy. 17 four-legged with owners came today, Rocky, Hasse, Evita, Charlie, Oprah, Poppy, London, Lucy, Billy, Cocos, Pepsi, Kenzo, Svea, Pyret, Pysen, Hugo and Timon. Some of them for the first time.

Lisa and Olle guided us on a wonderful trail in Tantolunden / Långholmen in our beautiful Stockholm, and at the café of Bellmanhuset we stopped for a nice lunchbreak together in the garden before Hervor guided us back along the water.

Today’s hosts were Lisa and Olle Jiman, while Bert-Åke Byqvist and Åke Esperi took the nice photos. Many thanks to you all!

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Bälinge, Luleå October 21, 2018

From an autumn meeting in Bälinge, Lilian writes, among other things:

“Always as nice for our podengos and us to get together. Today we missed Maggan and Elisabeth who were on another “mission”. But our gang expanded today with Anita and her daughter Therese. Six podengos run off some energy on our farm first and then a walk in the forest. Charlotte with Jack and Edit, Anita with Bosse and Smulan and me with Karamel and Alizza.
As usual, we ended up with coffee and a nice chat.”

We are so grateful that we have Lilian Larssons who always arranges appreciated walks for podengo friends high up in the north!

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Söderåsen, Skåne November 25, 2018

If you want to participate in a podengo walk in unbeatable nature, Skåne is definitely a good choice. Our representative Kristina Rosell switches between many beautiful environments for the walks she arranges. This day, it became Söderåsen, a national park, where Skåne’s highest point, 212 meters above the sea, exists.

Wonderful scenery, the sun peeking out between the clouds, nice podengo friends and fine podengos, as well as a perfect picnic spot with a lovely view.

Thank you Kristina for today’s lovely meeting and nice photos!

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