Podengowalks 2017



Winter walk Gärdet, Stockholm, January 14, 2017

Although the sun was a bit hesitant in the beginning, it became a wonderfully sunny podengo walk in Stockholm today. Little Cookie with Lena led the walk on Gärdet where 11 podengos and three greyhounds with happy owners participated.

After a little bit of frost in the cheeks, the meeting ended with a lovely lunch / coffee at the cozy dog café Himmelska Hundar (Heavenly dogs), where we got our own little salon to sit in.

Warm thanks to Lena Glendor and little Cookie for a great podengo tour!

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Järavallen, Skåne March 12, 2017

This is how Kristina Rosell wrote about this year’s first podengo meeting in Skåne.

“Today we were in Järavallen outside Landskrona. Wonderful hiking area with nice lakes and lovely forest. Some “old” familiar friends but also new ones, which is extra fun. A total of 12 dogs and 13 podengo friends.
We have grilled, talked, laughed, been drinking coffee… yes there is a lot to talk about. The dogs have been playing and, as usual, they got along very well. The new thing was that we had to walk across the E6, as the hiking area is on both sides of the highway.
Extra thanks to Catarina and Ulrika for all help with guiding, directions etc.”

Thank you Kristina with friends for a nice podengo walk and great photos!

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Activity day for podengos, Haninge Hundhall March 17, 2017

What a wonderful support it was on the Podengo meeting today!
There were 24 podengos with owners and we had so much great fun!

We tried both agility and rally obedience with Susanne Pärson as instructor, it was very fun to see that many of the pods just loved it, we know several who went home and wanted to register for courses. As usual, we had a very nice time together, and someone took the opportunity to get help with claw cutting by Lukas owner Sofie Ardsjö, who is working on dog day care center.

Many thanks to Krullets kennel who was sponsors for the whole meeting with the hall rent, all the good homemade cakes, rally plates etc., really appreciated! And to Ebba Esperi and Sara Sandgren who assisted us at the agility. Photographers were Åke Esperi and Sofie Ardsjö. Thanks for the nice pictures!

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Mörsil, Jämtland April 7, 2017

It was a successful spontaneous podengo walk in Mörsil today. A little cold weather but a nice walk and then a nice coffe break on the terrace. On meetings with Agneta you can also find nice podengo profile products to buy if you want. For example, the podengo hat.

Agneta Österberg was the one who kept the nice spontaneous meeting. Thanks for the nice photos too!

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Bälinge, Luleå April 8, 2017

A splendid spring winter day in Bälinge with 8 podengos and two other breeds with owners for a lovely walk.
Nice to get together and happy podengos who had fun on big winter fields.

Maria Samuelsson and Lilian Larsson held the nice meeting, thanks for nice photos!

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Charitywalk for Hundstallet, May 13, 2017

A wonderful group of podengo friends there was, who wanted to participate and in that way help homeless dogs get some extra. For every dog with owner that participated, the animal insurance companie, Agria, donated 50SEK to Hundstallet, so great fun that we became a group!

Wonderful weather and a nice walking trail in our beautiful capital of Sweden. Cozy to finish with a common coffe / lunch break by the water where some of the dogs took the opportunity to swim. Thank you all who came! And thank you to Tesla’s owner Doris who gave a tip about the event!

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Finjasjön, Hässleholm May 20, 2017

This is what Kristina Rosell wrote about today’s podengo meeting:

”Podengowalk in Hässleholm.
Today we were not that many but it was nice as usual. Lots of talk, laughter, playing between the dogs and a little walk. Some of us were also at SvVk’s dog show in the morning, there it was many more friends that we can play with another time. Thanks to Quilla and Milton with owners who came today!
Greetings from Samu, Heikki and Kristina.”

We say thank you Kristina for an appreciated walk and photos!

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Podengopicknick Himmelstalund Norrköping June 4, 2017

In connection with the weekend’s exhibition in Norrköping we gathered afterwards for a nice picnic in the green grass and then a podengo walk.
Lovely weather and great nice environment, Mozart and his owner Jonna guided us on a nice walk. It was also fun that kennel Tizzel from Borås, with their dogs, joined us.

Thanks Anna Gunnarsson who arranged the picnic and Jonna Philipsson who took us on a lovely walk!

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Kärsön, Stockholm, June 11, 2017

It was a lovely meeting today before the holiday break. 9 small and one large podengo, two whippets, and a bunch of happy humans! We exchanged experiences and knowledge about exhibitions, protection against ticks, Lure Coursing, animal insurances, holiday with dogs etc, and created new contacts to help out if more people want to try Lure Coursing – just the way we want Podengo Friends to work.

After Helene, Max and Jollen guided us on a wonderful walk on Kärsön, we ended with a nice lunch / coffee together at Brostugan.

Thank you very much Helene Ranow for a great podengowalk!

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Hunderbanan, Norrtälje September 3, 2017

A really fun and appreciated activity day at Hunderbanan in Norrtälje. Fun facility in the form of different stations that require focus, sometimes balance and courage from the dogs. Everything in a beautiful forest environment.

A very nice host couple welcomed us, and it was sunny weather and fun challenges. Everything ended with a nice coffee break in the sunshine.

Many thanks Kristín Kristvinsdottír who suggested this place and booked it. We will definitely return.

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Charitywalk for Hundstallet, September 23, 2017

Once again a walk in favor of the dog shelter Hundstallet. This time a slightly grayer weather but still a brave squad who was walking along the beautiful trail. Afterwards we had a coffe moment together with snacks for the dogs.

It feels good to contribute so that the shelter get more economic support.

Many thanks to all of you that joined us today!

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Hovdala, Hässleholm September 24, 2017

Today’s podengo walk took place in the beautiful forests of Hovdala. There were 22 dogs with their owners. It was first a lovely walk and then the group went down to the lake of Finja (Finjasjön). There was mingle and nice conversations around the barbecue before it was time for the dogs to play in the dogyard. Everyone was probably both tired and satisfied after the day.

Always nice arranged, and always great photos by our podengo friend in Skåne, Kristina Rosell, with her podengos Heikki and Samu!

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Vivans Lekpark (playgrounds for dogs), Tungelsta 14 oktober 2017

It just has to be that the weather gods like our podengo meeting! Bad weather has happened before, but just when we step out into the big dog playground the sun is comming and the weather get nice and sunny. A lovely playground was what we saw, a combination of garden, forest and playground with the opportunity to strengthen the dogs’ self-confidence at different training barriers.

Today, there were some new podengo lovers, little Lucy and a little larger Banjo with their families, really nice to meet you. And then we also had a nice visit by a family who was curious about the breed, and wanted to meet some podengos. We hope you soon have your own little podengo.

Thank you all who came today, and thank you very much to Lisa Bergendahl, Zwips owner, who both tipped about the playground and booked it!

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Långasand, Halland October 21, 2017

Finally it was time for a first podengowalk in Västra Götaland / Halland where we now have our nice podengo friend Maria Cronqvist. A small, pleasant group today walked in a scenic Långasand just south of Falkenberg.

We hope for more meetings and that more people are aware of that we now have a podengo friend that arrange meetings in Västra Götaland / Halland.

Thank you Maria for a nice walk today!

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Bälinge, Luleå October 21, 2017

It is so wonderful that the podengowalks can also be useful for new families who are considering to buy podengo puppy, to come and meet the breed. This is what Lilian Larsson wrote about the meeting together with Maria Samuelsson:

“Today it was a podengo day. Podengo friends from the local area met here together with us. Luck with the weather is no exaggeration. Lovely sunshine if also a little chilly. After gathering we went for a walk with the dogs and ended with my dog Karamell who showed how she work at a short blood track that I had prepared in the morning. Then we met in the warm kitchen and had a cup of coffee while we talked about podengos as much as possible.
A nice moment with Charlotte, Maria, Elisabeth with grandchildren, Maggan and also Tina with family who came and wanted to get acquainted with the breed.
Our dogs also received some “sponsor gifts” from Maggan and Elisabeth. Thank you for that. ”

Warm thanks Lilian Larsson and Maria Samuelsson who held the nice meeting today!

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Advent meeting in Haninge Hundhall December 2, 2017

A cozy advent meeting took place in Haninge Hundhall today.
We started with that Texas owner Sara Karlsson Schoultz and Hasse with owner Erika Karlsson showed some agility they had learned during the autumn course – so good they are!

Then it became advent coffee with mulled wine and Christmas candy before we others also tried the agility with our podengos. It is really fun to have an activity meeting. We also took the opportunity to show small trix that we have practically trained at home, for example “playing dead”, “high five”, lying and crawl, standing fine etc.

Thank you all for a fun Advent meeting today!

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