Podengowalks 2016



Winter walk at Gärdet, Stockholm January 9, 2016

Lill and her podengo Totti took the lead for a nice winter walk with scrunch from the snow under our shoes and the sun glittering in the snow. A nice bunch of different ages from a little girl in a pram to a slightly older mother-in-law, we think it is great fun that the Podengo walks attracts many generations.

After a bit of shaking and trying to get our chilly toes warm it is nice to end the day with something warm to drink at the café Himmelska Hundar (Heavenly dogs) where our four-footed also are welcome.

Thanks to Lill and Totti who were today’s guides.

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Winter walk in Danderyd, Stockholm February 20, 2016

A slightly frosty winter day, but still there was so many that came to the Podengo walk in Danderyd. We met at the golf course where the dogs could run around at first before we went for a lovely walk in the woods and the area around the course.

A great and lovely mix of podengos and whippet who bravely managed the cold temperature for a fun day with us podengo owners. We ended up warming ourselves with good coffee and goodies that we brought with us.

Many thanks to Pekka Nykopp who was the guide of today’s nice meeting!

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Theme Dog photography, Häringe March 5, 2016

To this meeting we have booked Katja who is good at photographing dogs. We spend an afternoon out at Häringe Castle just outside Stockholm, where the dogs first run off in the field before it becomes portrait photography in a beautiful forest glade. A little rain did nothing except that some furs became curly and a little dirty, but nice photos it was at each one after our walk.

In the beautiful castle we then ended this joyful occasion by enjoying Häringe’s wonderful Afternoon Tea where even the dogs were welcome.

Thanks to Katja Koho who took the nice photos!

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Theme Ring Training, Stockholm, April 9, 2016

A spring day in April, we arrange a ring training to show and we were told how it works during a dog show. We practice walking, standing at the ground and on the table, the judge’s handling the dogs, etc. A little later, we run our own little “inoff” (inofficial exhibition) where the Podengo club’s chairman Pekka Nykopp was judging the dogs, and together with Katja explained the different steps during an exhibition. We got many great tips.
We conclude with a nice party session where everyone also got the Swedish Kennel Club’s booklet Dog Show.

Many thanks to Pekka and Katja for today’s ring training!

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Åkeshov, Stockholm May 7, 2016

In wonderful summers weather it became a nice walk around the lake in Åkeshov. Timon with owner Anita guided us on the nice trail. We also took the opportunety to let the dogs play and try some agility in the dog yard at the Hundstallet. We also had a lovely summer coffee break in the beautiful garden.

Thanks to Anita and Timon who guided us on a lovely trail!

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Study visit to Hundstallet May 14, 2016

This time we had booked a study visit at the Hundstallet (A dogshelter in Stockholm). We had arranged the visit exclusively for Podengo Friends and during this afternoon Petter, who is responsible for dogs with problems. He told us about how their activities work. After a nice coffee break, Petter showed us around the area and finally we get to meet the dogs in the dog stalls. We also collected some money that we donate to the Dog shelter, and many of us also become members.

Many thanks to Petter for a very nice and informative reception.

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Podengowalk Hovdala, Hässleholm May 21, 2016

A fantastic attendance to this podengowalk in Hässleholm, about 30 podengos with their owners participated! Our podengo friend Kristina Rosell with Heikki and Samu guided us on a walk in the wonderfully beautiful forests around Hovdala castle. In a nice forest Happy we stopped for the barbecue area where we lightend the fire and enjoyed a lunch together under both laughter and nice podengo chat.

Big thanks Kristina for a great podengo meeting!

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Theme meeting Tracking Norrköping June 5, 2016

Today it became a fun activity day where we tried to track with our podengos. Susanne Pärson from Krullets kennel is an instructor and showed us the basics before we put our own little track which our podengo could then work with.
Really fun day that was appreciated by both dogs and owners.

Many thanks to Susanne! Thanks also to Åke Esperi and Bitten Wengström for nice pictures!

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Summer picnic Tyresta, Stockholm June 19, 2016

Lisa with sweetest little Zwip takes us first on a podengo walk in the scenic Tyresta national park. During the way, we took the opportunity to test little courage for the dogs, because they had to climb up and down for a fairly steep staircase.
We finish with a lovely summer picnic in the green grass.

Many thanks Lisa Bergendahl with her podengo Zwip who were today’s guides!

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Barbecue picnic in Tånga Hed June 25, 2016

In connection with this year’s Podengo special in Tånga Hed, podengo friends gather for a nice barbecue dinner in the evening sun. There was a lot of exhibition talk and a lot of time with nice podengos.

The following day, the doggies were shown in the Podengo Club’s breed special.

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Hässleholm, Skåne July 16, 2016

Yet another lovely podengwalk in Skåne where Kristina guides us on a walk in the beautiful forests at Hovdala castle. This time, we went up to a hill where we stopped and ate lunch together with fantastic views.

Thank you Kristina Rosell for guiding us in such beautiful place as Skåne!

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Podengo picnic Norrköping August 20, 2016

In connection with an official exhibition in Norrköping, Anna Gunnarsson arranges a small picnic at Himmelstalund’s sport field. Anna had made really good pasta salads that the participants could buy for a small price. It was a nice moment with much podengo chat of course.

Thanks Anna for a nice picnic and good salads!

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Yngsjö, Skåne September 24, 2016

Wonderful weather on today’s podengowalk in Skåne. It was a walk along the beach, some podengos who bathed and then some played, the dogs of course.
There was also a stop for eating our lunch bag, with lots of talk. A nice day together with podengo friends!

Thanks Kristina Rosell who arranged the meeting and took the nice photos!

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Tollare dogpark, Nacka September 24, 2016

Podengoowner Sara with little Texas took us on a good combo this day. We got a lovely walk in the forest and then we stop in the nice dog yard where the dogs could run loose. Then we ended the meeting with a cup of coffee during pleasant conversations.

Thanks to Sara Karlsson Schoultz for a great tip and nice guided walk!

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Autumn walk in Stockholm October 15, 2016

We took a autumn walk at Djurgården where we visit the animal cemetery, which is located in a beautiful forest glade.
For today’s meeting, three podengos from kennel Tizzel, Pompe, Fidde and Kalle who meet for the first time since they left their mother at Tizzel, cozy to have them at the same photo. We ended with a coffee moment in the warm café called Kruthuset where even the dogs could sit at the table.

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Torup, Skåne November 26, 2016

This is how our podengo friend Kristina Rosell wrote about today’s meeting:

“Another nice meeting, this time in Torup’s recreation area. Imagine that there is so much to talk about, the time just flow away. Now we will make a little break over Christmas and New Year. Hug to all happy podengo friends!
We all wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ”

Thanks fine Kristina for always so nicely arranged podengo walks!

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Djurgården, Stockholm December 28, 2016

Cookie with family invited to a walk on Djurgården in Stockholm just before New Year. Unfortunately, we have no photos from the walk.

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