Podengo puppies

Here, you who are part of the Podengo Friends Facebook group, and have your kennel registered in SKK, or equivalent in your country, can advertise born puppies free of charge. Welcome to contact us if you want to advertise here.

Please also visit the page with planned litters!

Björkbygdens kennel


i-kullen was born 1th of Mars 2023. We said welcome to 3 bitches, two of them are for sale.

Father: SE UCH DK UCH Smaughterer’s Euros ”Oboy”
Mother: NORD JV-19 RLDF RLDN SE UCH FI UCH Björkbygdens Julia ”Julia”

Both of the parents are without patella remarks and has made BPH (mental personality test)   
Oboy is DNA-tested Cord1-PRA/crd4 PRA = free/clear
DNA-tested prcd PRA = free/clear
Julia is Cord1-PRA/crd4 PRA = Hereditary free (both parents tested normal/free)
prcd PRA = Hereditary free (both parents tested normal/free)

Varmt välkommen att kontakta oss!

Annika Björkman
+46 70 667 14 40

Krullets Kennel


A litter Pequeno Cerdoso was born 2023-02-01.
1 bitch och 1 male.

The little male looking for his new home. He is ready to move in at Easter!

Mother: Piramide do Vale do Cutileiro

Father: Krullets Ted 

Welcome to contact us:

+46 70 680 16 80 (Åke)
+ 46 70 658 05 40 (Sussi)


Kennel Tizzel

A litter Pequeno Liso was born 2022-11-16.

Father: Xerxes av Zappa
Mother: Tizzel Helene I Hiphop Me Quindim

Welcome to contact:

Marianne Englund
+46 760 08 80 90