Podengo puppies

On this page, you who are part of Podengo Friends Sweden’s Facebook group can free of charge advertise planned, or born, Podengo litters. Welcome to contact us for more information how to advertise.

Ad published 2020-09-08

Kennel Ängblomman’s

Male puppy born 2020-08-05
e: NORD CH Moor Racing Toivo
u: Müslis Ina
Both parents patella tested without remark.

Ready for delivery from 1/10 – 2020

Welcome to contact

Camilla Engblom  +46 70-2079131

Ad published 2020-08-30

Kennel Moor Racing

Now they have arrived the puppies after:

C.I.B. NORD UCH Thätitaivaan Erik and SE, NO UCH MoorRacing Maikki
Born 30 / 8 -20 1 Male + 3 Bitches
Both parents Patella tested without remarks.
Maikki is DNA tested Clear / Free from Prcd PRA Cord1-PRA / Cord 4 PRA.

Welcome to contact
Pia Moor
+ 46 41171202

Ad published 2020-07-14


Puppies born 2020.07.06

Male: Floki
Male: Ragnar
Bitch: Lagertha

Mother: Akiwanos Everlasting Love SE53058 / 2017. She is exhibited with Excellent.
Father: PORTO JW-18, PT JCH, SE UCH, FI UCH Xerxes Av Zappa SE57362 / 2016.

Welcome to contact Akiwanos kennel

+46 723-143737
Facebook/Akiwanos kennel

Ad published 2020-07-13

Krullets Tyra and Krullets Ted were born on the 13th of July. Their parents are:

Cabu da Praia Azul “Nisse” and  Alfazema de Viamonte “Selma”

More information at our website www.krullets.se

Varmly welcome to contact us!
Åke Esperi

+46 706801680

Ad published 2020-07-08

Sjøhaven’s KaMiPod  

Kennel Sjøhaven’s KaMiPod B litter in Trondheim, Norway 14.06.2020 got 5 beautiful puppies.
Two males and 3 females. The puppies are good, round, curious and secure already.

E: Befrica’s Binna Minnie for KaMiPod 2 years.
Health tests:
Patella: 0/0
Eyechecked Free
DNA H766 PRA Crd 4: Free.
Most winning bitch in Norway in 2019
Podengo Special in Norway in 2019 Best Podengo Portugues Small Smooth Hair. With BISS 2 of all breeds.

U: N, DK, S UCH Mioamor’s Now I’m Here Kompis, 3 years old
Health tests:
Patella 0/0
Eyechecked Free
DNA: H766 PRA Crd 4: Free by inheritance, by tested parents.

A super boy of 3 years. Was BOS at the Special in Norway 2019. Was also named the show’s happiest boy in the ring. Ranked. 3 on the most winning list at Podengo in 2019

Welcome to contact:
Kari Evjen
+47 98 66 35 32

Ad published 2020-06-22


Welcome to the world!
Last night our wonderful little puppies came. There were three princes and a princess, all round and healthy!

PODENGO PORTUGÛES PEQUENO LISO PUPPIES was born the 22:n after NOjW-19 NOW-19 NORDjW-19 Bellomis Crash Boom Bang “Katten” & JEUW-14 NORDjW-14 SEjW-14 SEjW-15 SEW-15 EUW-15 SEUCH FIUCH DKUCH NORDUCH Björkbygdens Dessiegn “Piwi”

Welcome to contact:

Marie Jomgart,
+46 70 938 51 17