Podengo puppies

On this page, you who are part of Podengo Friends Sweden’s Facebook group can free of charge advertise planned, or born, Podengo litters. Welcome to contact us for more information how to advertise.

Lillimars kennel

Puppies podengo portuguese liso / pequeno was born 14 th September 2021.

1 bitch and 1 male

Father: SE UCH, NO UCH, NO JV-19, NO V-19, NORD JV-19 Bellomis Crash Boom Bang “Katten”
Merits: see titles

Mother: Müslis Raffa “Raffa”
Merits: Cert, BIR

Both parents were examined for patella with result 0/0
“Raffa” is DNA tested for the two variants of PRA that can occur in the breed and is clear / free. This means that puppies in this combination cannot develop those eye diseases.

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or phone: 070-555 15 10.