In addition to walks and other activities, we also try to organize interesting lectures, both via Zoom, which we also used for web meetings with breeders, but in the future also live. We try to vary the content and are happy to accept suggestions for both topics and lecturers.
Here are examples of lectures we have had.


Mentality and BPH

Anne-Chaterine ”Ankan” Edoff, from the Swedish Kennel Club´s Mental pool, talked about mentality and BPH (Behavior – and personality description dog), an important topic. After the lecture, the participants were also given the opportunity to ask Ankan questions.

Dog problem or Problem dog

Since behavior was an important and in-demand topic, we again invited Anne-Chaterine ”Ankan” Edoff from Swedish Kennel Club´s Mental pool. A ”dog behavior oriented” evening where we discussed whether it was really the dog that was the problem in various situations, or could it be us owners? A lecture that was appreciated by the participants.

Breed specific lecture

A requested lecture where Darlene Devaney talked about the Podengo Portugues breed. Darlene, along with her husband Elliot Washor, was one of the founders of the American club Portuguese Podengo Pequenos of America (PPPA) in 2009. Darlene completed all AKC’s (American Kennel Club) requirements to get the breed approved in the USA, and since the import of her first Podengo Donzela Darlene has worked for the ”Podengo world” in the USA.

Darlene works closely with, and often visits, the Portuguese Podengo Club and its breeders in Portugal. During the lecture, Darlene talked about most things that concern the breed, and showed a lot of pictures of, for example, what a podengo should look like, or not look like, according to the breed standard. An interesting lecture that attracted close to 50 listeners.

BPH – Zoom meeting for breeders

Some time after the lecture Mentality and BPH, the breeders in Podengo Friends were invited to a meeting about BPH with Anne-Chaterine ”Ankan” Edoff from Swedish Kennel Club´s Mental pool. ”Ankan” who has long experience in the subject went through the BPH results that are currently compiled for our breed, even if the basis is not that large. A dialogue with the breeders where Ankan also told how to interpret and use the results in the breeding work.

The dog’s and human’s relationship

The program for the Podengo Friends Summer Event in June 2022 included the lecture The dog and the human relationship with Ulrika Claeson Månsson. Unfortunately, Ulrika became acutely ill that morning, but in any case it was solved by a pre-recorded version of the lecture.

Ulrika C Månsson is a dog psychologist with many years of experience with dogs and breeding. She was the one who founded Skövde Dog School and she sits on the committee for mental issues in both the Swedish Schnauzer Pincher club, SSPK and the The miniature schnauzer ring. Her lecture The dog and the human relationship is about what made us get our dog and how we treat it decently in our relationship.