Podengo Friends Team

The founder of Podengo Friends.
We who founded Podengo Friends Sweden are Bert-Åke and Gunela and have a wire-haired pequeno, Tizzel Ebbe Easter Cauldron ”Billy”.

Since my wife cannot be very active for health reasons, we have the reinforcement of some nice podengo friends who make an admirable effort for Podengo Friends. You will meet them here below.

Åke and Susanne, Krullets kennel.
Åke is a co-administrator in Podengo Friends and takes care of all the finances related to the courses, events and activities we organize. He also makes sure that technology and everything else works when we run lectures and meetings via Zoom. Åke is part of the event group that plans and organizes the Podengo Friends Summer Event.

Sussie is a trained instructor in the branches of everyday obedience, agility, rally obedience, person track and clicker training. She has held both track events and activity days in the dog hall for us. Nothing is fixed here as we figure out some new activities, she is positive about most things. Sussie is also part of the event group for the summer events.

Eva, owner of Enya and Cintra.
Eva is full of energy! She has so many good ideas about activities etc. and is super talented as Podengo Friends’ activity leader. She generously shares her knowledge with us podengo friends and holds both fun and educational activities for us. A real asset to the group. The fact that she is also part of the event group is a bonus.

In addition to these three, we also have a number of nice Podengo friends who are representatives for Podengo Friends meetings in the rest of the country. You will meet them under the tab
Our representatives.