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Welcome to Podengo Friends male dog gallery!


Are you the owner of a healthy male Podengo Portuguese with pedigree?

In a numerically small breed it can be difficult for breeders to find new males for their bitches. At the same time, someone may have a healthy male dog at home without thinking that it can be attractive as a breeding dog. Our thought, which we share with others who have spoken to us, is therefore that we male dog owners can help by showing more male dogs avaliable for breeding. However, it is needed to be done under orderly forms to avoid non-serious and similar requests. Please, read more under How does the gallery work?

What is required of my dog? 

Your dog does not have to be exhibited, have nice competition results or titles to show here, The important thing is that it is healthy, the breeder / bitch owner makes the selection based on a number of different “parameters”. We would like your dog to be at least aged 18 months that is recommended in the Swedish Podengo Portuguese Clubs specific breeding strategy (RAS), Under the heading How the gallery works below you can read more about what is needed for us to be able to put your dog in the male dog gallery.

This is in no way an “authorized” database where we can take responsibility for the dogs that are shown, or for the agreements that are made. It is only a gallery that gives the dog owners an opportunity to show their males, or for a breeder / bitch owner an opportunity to find males who may not be visible at exhibitions, breeding pages and so on. Of course, podengos in other countries are also welcome in the male dog gallery, as long as the owner is a member of the Facebook group Podengo Friends Sweden and the dog is registered with a pedigree.

The male dog gallery is in the boot, because of that it is only a few male dogs there, but we hope that male dog owners in Podengo Friends Sweden now want to help filling the gallery with male dogs.

How does the gallery work?

  • You who are members of the Facebook group Podengo Friends Sweden are warmly welcome to show your purebreed male podengo here in the gallery.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry to the group or publication here if we believe there is a reason for it.
  • When publishing the male dog only a few data are needed, including registration number. There is a button with a link to more information about the dog i.e SKK (the Swedish Kennel Club). If you have a similar registration in your country, we can link to that register.
    More photos and more information will be exchanged between the bitch owner and the male dog owner.

For publishing, we want a “landscape” image of your dog standing, from the side, as well as the information below. You simply send everything in an email to:  

1. Dog’s nickname
2. Type (i.e. Pequeno Liso)
3. Registration Number
4. The dog’s name according to pedigree
5. Registered owner, name
6. Phone (voluntary)
7. E-mail

Are you just as we were, thoughtful about how to do with contracts, what rules to apply, what fee may be customary for lending the male out and so on, we are convinced that a serious breeder who wants to borrow your male will help you. You can also consult the Swedish Kennel Club that have templates for that.

If you have any concerns, are unsure of how to send the image, or something else, do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to show your dog in the gallery!

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