Hoopers, which is a dog sport for all dogs and handlers, is still quite new in Europe, it comes from the USA and is also called Hoopers Agility or NADAC Hoopers. Hoopers consists of a course with hoops, tunnels, fences and barrels that the dog must go through in a certain order.



What is Hoopers?

The goal is to master an obstacle course consisting of so-called hoops, tunnels, barrels and fences without mistakes in a smooth collaboration between handler and dog. Much like in agility, but without jumping obstacles or sharp turns. which means that the sport is also suitable for dogs that cannot jump due to injury.


For who are Hoopers?

Hoopers fit all dogs regardless of age, breed and size. The dog handler does not need to be an athlete either, as the handler’s role is to be still and show/direct from a fixed location. Hoopers is therefore a fun activation where you get a better contact with the dog from a distance.


How does it work?

The dog must go through the course in a certain order. The courses are built with flowing soft lines without sharp turns or twists, which is gentle on the dog. The order, distance and number of obstacles depends on the class in which the dog and handler start. The handler does not run, but takes his dog to the start and then stands in his designated directing area, while the dog runs on the course. The dog is guided with only body language and sound signals.


Can you compete in Hoopers?

Yes, there are four classes of competition in Hoopers; Starting class, Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. On the Swedish Hoopers clubs website you will find the regulations with more information about competing in the sport.

Where can you register for a Hooper course?

If you are part of Podengo Friends Facebookgroup and want to take a course, you can contact us. We organize Hooper’s courses in collaboration with instructors who have completed the Swedish Hoopersklubben’s training.

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