Drag Lure

Drag Lure

Drag Lure is just like Lure Coursing is, a form of simulated hare hunting where the dog chases a “cloth”, it is a fun way to activate dogs that like to run or hunt. The difference between the two forms is that at Lure Coursing, the rope with the cloth at one end is laid out around 10-15 spinning wheels in the ground on an open field so that the “hare” make turnes in different directions just as a real hare would do, while at Drag Lure the cloth drags in a rope straight ahead on a race track.



There is also a mechanical “hare” on the race track that runs on a rail around the inside of the track, then the dogs run longer distance including curves. In order to run for the mechanical hare, the dog must have turned 12 months.

Another difference is that the dogs in Drag Lure do not have to wear a muzzle, which is a requirement at Lure Coursing.


How do I start with Drag Lure?

Start playing and fighting with cloth when the dog is a puppy. When it is a little older you can start with Drag Lure.


Can I run both Drag Lure and Lure Coursing?

Yes you can. Drag Lure are also great to start with if you are interested in Lure Coursing, among other things because in the Drag Lure on a track, it is a little easier to build up the dog’s interest in chasing the cloth. Once they have gained interest, it is usually a little easier with both a muzzle and to run on the LC field, because the dog has already learned to focus on the cloth.


How does it works?

At the startpoint, a person stands with the dog and release it as soon as the cloth has started moving. The dog does not have a collar or harness when it is released. At the end of the track, then another person stands, it usually works best with the owners, who meet the dog.

A dog that has been in training and is used to, can also start in a box, which means the dog goes into a box whose hatch opens when the cloth starts running.



Where can I train / run Drag Lure?

There are a number of racing companies with courses around in Sweden. You can find a list at http://www.hundkappstockholm.se/Lankar and contact the respective course to inquire about beginner training, training times etc.


What equipment is needed for Drag Lure?

For Drag Lure no special equipment is needed except that you have two necklaces / harnesses / leashes, one for the peron that releases the dog, and one for the person that catches the dog at the end of the track.


What else do I need to think about?

The dog needs to be in good shape, ie healthy, injury free and have a good basic condition. It must have valid vaccinations in accordance with SKK’s current rules for training / competition. It is also important to warm up the dog before training, as well as calm down it after running, to minimize the risk of stretching and injury.


A fun day with speed for podengo friends


One Saturday in September, the Greyhound Park course in Åkersberga was booked exclusively for podengos. Eva Mittler, kennel Picdebest, was the one who came up with the idea, booked the course and arranged the day together with Podengo Friends Sweden.

About 20 four-legged and 30 two-legged had a speedy and fun day together at Greyhound Park, it was wonderful to see how fun the podengos really thought it was to run for the cloth, or to the owners, even though most of them never had tried the Drag Lure before. Sure, some dogs may have been hesitant at first and needed to return to see if the owner was behind, some dog would rather mingle with the crowd, and some dog thought the course was too short and took a longer turn, but it only made the day more fun. We all got help from Katja and Agge from the Stockholm Dog Race Company, who were responsible for the course.

The day included a lunch together, and a lottery with a lot of great prizes, mostly donated by Eva Mittler. The lottery brought in 2000 Swedish crowns, which we donated in its entirety to Hundstallet (a Swedish dogshelter) and the Swedish Animal Ambulance.

Everyone who wanted got four races on the track, before we ended this lovely day with a glass of sparkling and handing out small goodie bags to all talented participants. In short, a very successful day in wonderful socializing, many pleasant conversations and happy podengos!



A small photo gallery from the Drag Lure day

Below is a small selection of photos taken by Sara Schoultz, Sophie Roivas, Vanessa Fristedt och Podengo Friends.