On this page, we thought we’d share a little more that has to do with dog health and well-being, not specifically tied to the Podengo Portugues breed. It can be information and tips from a veterinarian, dog psychologist, breeder, etc. We fill the page as we find new topics or receive more tips.

Dental health

On several occasions, we have heard of podengos (and other breeds, of course) with dental problems, eg tooth loss where they had to have surgery to remove many of the teeth. Earlier we did an interview with the veterinarian Per Eksell, XL Vet in Örbyhus, who gave facts and good tips on taking care of the dog’s dental health. By the way, XL Vet won the 2017 Veterinary Clinic of the Year award!

Per told us, among other things, that it is a common problem with poor dental health in dogs, and that much is due to ignorance on the part of us owners when it comes to dental care. If the soft material known as plaque, i.e. a soft coating on the teeth, is not brushed away but is allowed to remain, tartar forms. If the tartar is not removed, the dog can get so-called gingivitis (inflammation of the gums).

If the dog walks around with this for a long time, there is a risk of the bacteria entering the body when the dog swallows. These bacteria are dangerous for various organs such as kidneys, liver and heart and can cause serious diseases. The bacteria can also lead to tooth loss. It is therefore more important than you think to take care of your dog’s teeth. And then not with dentastix or other things that promise a lot in the advertising.

In Podengo Friends Magazine no 1-2021, you can read a longer article where Per talks about the dog’s dental health, why it is important to take care of it, and how to do it.


Neutering can be a sensitive subject, says dog psychologist Ulrika C Månsson, who has traveled around and lectured about it together with a veterinarian. Ulrika says that opinions differ. The owner does not always get all the information he needs before making his decision, rather he is influenced to do so. What is perceived as a problem with the male dog, and thought to be solved with neutering, can instead worsen the behavior and become a big disappointment for the owner.

After we published an article in Podengo Friends, we received a lot of positive reactions for bringing up the subject. A male dog owner was also very grateful when, after the article, he chose to try chemical neutering instead of surgery. The dog was very changed, in a negative way, and the owner was grateful that they had not done the surgery which is irreversible  

Ulrika points out several times that she cannot say what is right or wrong – it is up to us owners to decide, but she wants us to get all the information before we make a decision.

In Podengo Friends Magazine No 2-2020, you can read the entire article called Neutering – a necessary evil or unnecessary operation.