Breeding males

Welcome to Podengo Friends’ gallery of breeding males. There are of course more males than these, this is just a gallery where we give the male dog owner an opportunity to show their male, and the breeder/female owner an opportunity to find a male for their female.


Are you the owner of a healthy Podengo male with a pedigree?

In a breed that is numerically small, it can be difficult for breeders to find new males for their breeding females. At the same time, someone might have a nice male at home without thinking that he might be attractive as a breeding male. Our idea is that we male dog owners can helped to broaden the range by showing here our males that are available for purebred podengo breeding.


What is required of my male?

That he is healthy and at least 18 months old, which is the breed club’s recommendation. Otherwise, the female owner chooses based on the criteria he/she has.


How does the gallery work?

You who are part of our Facebook group are very welcome to show your purebred podengo male here in the gallery. You just take a picture of your standing dog, from the side, and email it to along with the following information:

1. The dog’s nickname
2. Variant (ex cerdoso pequeno)
3. The dog’s registration number
4. The dog’s name according to the pedigree
5. Registered owner, name
6. Contact details (e.g. email, mobile phone number)
In the case of a published male dog, there is a small amount of information and a button with a link to SKK dog data, where more information about the dog is available. More pictures and more information can then be exchanged between the female owner and the male dog owner.


If you have not loaned your male for breeding before

Are you, just like we were when we received an inquiry for our Billy the first time, wondering about how to deal with contracts, what rules apply, what fee you can ask for lending the male and so on? If it is a serious female owner/breeder, we are convinced that he will help you. You can of course also contact us with your concerns, or consult the breed club or the Swedish Kennel Club, which has templates for mating agreements.

You are very welcome to show your male dog in the gallery!