Blood Track

Blood Track

Blood Track is something your dog will think is among the most fun activities you have done together! It is the most natural thing a dog can do with his owner.
It strengthens the connection and trust between dog and owner, and is an easy way to satisfy your dog’s need for stimulation and energy drainage.


What is Blood Track?

An approved Blood Track dog is used to track down, a so-called search, a wild animal that has been injured in a traffic accident during hunt, for example, and perhaps lies in the forest and suffers. It is then important that the dog quickly find the animal so that the hunting caretaker can end the animal’s suffering.
Of course, you can do Blood Track as a fun activity with your dog, if you do not want to go searching after injured animals. Blood Track is a great way to strengthen your dog’s self-confidence. Regardless, it is best to go for a Blood Track course so that both you and your dog will learn the right way to do it.


How do I begin?

Grading class – Most of the Swedish Kennel Club’s hunting clubs organize courses and tests in Blood Track. You start with a beginner’s course for those who have never been tracking before, or just tried. On the course you learn how to track and how to read your dog in the track. After the beginners course you can make a Blood Track test with your dog for an authorized judge.



In the movie below you can see small clips where some podengoekipage train tracking.


If I want to continue?

Open class – If your dog has received the assessment approved on the first test, you can continue with the Open class. It is for you who want to learn more about Blood Track, or possibly challenge yourself and your dog to be a Blood Track champion. After the open class course you can do Blood Track tests with your dog for an authorized judge.


Blood Track Champion

Championship – For those who are aiming for a Blood Track championship, the dog must be awarded 3 first prize (1) on wild-track tests in Open class, for at least two different judges. For male dogs, a certificate of approved testicular status is also required.

In addition to that there are some general rules such as that the dog should be ID marked and so on, under the heading Rules for Blood Track tests a little further down you will find a summary of the rules.


Is there any continuation after Open Class?

Elite track – is a new competition in Sweden. A course in elite tracks is aimed at those who really want to challenge you and your dog in the track.


Can all dogs participate in Blood Track tests?

All hunting dog clubs within SKK can arrange wild track tests and the samples are open to all breeds, even for unregistered dogs that hold competition licenses.

If you have an unregistered dog / mixed breed, you need order one competition license to participate, you can easily do this from SKK.


What equipment is needed to start with Blood Track?

It can of course be a little different depending on which educator you attend the course, but the following are examples of what it can be:

• a good harness that sits comfortably on the dog
• a track line (max. 10 meters)
• really good reward candy (small cans soaked cat food, eg Sheba is a highlight)
• 20 numbers of clothespins (to make slits)

When we attended the course organized by the ViLT spårarna, we got both blood, hoof and slits from the course leader so we could continue training at home between and after the course.


Compete / test

If you want to take a course that is a merit, our tip is that you make sure that you choose a course for an authorized trainer, for whom you can do the test. There are plenty of Blood Tracking courses, but far from everyone is a merit.

We recommend

We, as well as several podengo friends, have done Blood Track courses for Lena Lundin, the ViLT spårarna, which we can warmly recommend. Lena, who is also an eauthorized track judge, has a great way to teach and support both two- and four-legged course participants with humor and warmth, in a straight and clear manner. She has the ability to see the individual who needs some extra support, and has helped about 300 participants to a Blood Track championship! Since we were looking for someone who could hold a course, the majority of podengo friends directly recommended Lena, now that we have passed the course, we understand why. Lena and Tina on the ViLT spårarna can be found via their website,


Rules for Blood Track

If you click on the picture below you will be taken to the Swedish Kennel Club’s rules for wild-track tests.